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Evolution and Lifespan Workshop

There has been a confluence of scientific research directions based on and leading toward an evolving view of aging and lifespan as an evolutionary topic.

On the one hand, there are numerous biological and biotechnological programs now aimed at blunting the aging process, based partly on the underlying premise that aging is an artifact of evolution rather than a fundamental limitation imposed by biology. On the other hand, there are theoretical results that support this view from the standpoint of mathematical and statistical simulations and analysis.

This workshop intends to gather workers in the area of mathematical, statistical and theoretical foundations on this topic, as well as those who are at the forefront of researching biological mechanisms.

For information on event registration and venue, please visit the webpage of the 2018 International Conference on Complex Systems.

Organizer:  Mark Kon

PROGRAM: Monday July 23

6:50 PM

Szymon Kaczanowski

Speakers and Participants

Speaker/Participant University / Organization
Vera Gorbunova University of Rochester
Justin Werfel Harvard University
Szymon Kaczanowski Polish Academy of Sciences
Arcadi Navarro UPF Barcelona
Josh Mitteldorf Lifeboat Foundation
Andrei Seluanov University of Rochester
Mark Kon Boston University, MIT
Ryan Gryder Boston University

Our Speakers